Cricket World Cup Quiz

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the international championship of One Day International (ODI) cricket. The event is organised by the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), every four years, with preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a finals tournament. The tournament is one of the world’s most viewed sporting events and is considered the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar” by the ICC. The first World Cup was organised in England in June 1975, with the first ODI cricket match having been played only four years earlier.

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Cricket World Cup Quiz

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In the World Cup History which country has won Cricket World Cup maximum number of times?

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Which country host the Cricket World Cup in the year 1999?

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Who won Man of the Match award in the final of the Cricket World Cup in 1983?

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Who hold the record of taking 4 wickets in 4 consecutive balls in Cricket World Cup?

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Which one of the following cricketers has represented two different countries in ICC Cricket World Cup?

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Who is the highest run scorer in a single Cricket World Cup?

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Who won the Cricket World Cup in 1979 by defeating England in the final?

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In which year, overs in Cricket World Cup reduced to 50 from 60?

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Whom did India defeated in the final to win the Cricket World Cup in 1983?

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Who set a world record in Cricket World Cup of hitting 6 sixes in an over against Netherlands spinner Dan Van Bunge?

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