Electricity Quiz

Electricity occurs when there is a flow of electric charge. Some examples of electricity are lightning and static electricity. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about electricity and how it works!

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Electricity Quiz

Challenge your knowledge on Electricity by taking quiz here.

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D-cell battery is a source of __________________ .

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What is a pathway for the flow of electricity?

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In a simple series circuit, why does the bulb light when you close the switch?

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What provides the energy to light a light bulb?

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When charge builds up on your body after rubbing your feet on the carpet, what happens?

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When you rub a balloon on a wool sweater or your hair, it gets an excess of ___________ ______________ which causes it to stick to the wall.

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If there is a 1.5V battery and a bulb on a simple series circuit and the battery is changed to a 3V, what happens to the bulb?

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battery refers to more than one __________.

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What does LED stand for?

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What do the long straight lines represent in a circuit diagram?

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