Indian Kings and Empires Quiz

India has played host to the ebb and flow of empire-building since around 600 BCE. Its position at the confluence of east and west has also seen it come under fire from various would-be conquerors, including the Mongols of Genghis Khan and Timur, the Persian Achievements under Cyrus the Great, and even the Macedonian warrior Alexander the Great. For much of the first two millennia, though, India’s conflicts were driven by internal friction between neighboring clans and kingdoms, led by some brilliant military and diplomatic minds – and others whose intentions were rather more sadistic.

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Indian Kings and Empires Quiz

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Prithvi Raj Chauhan was the king of Delhi. Whom did he defeat in the First Battle of Tarain (Taraori)?

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The Mughal Empire was one of the largest empires of India. The second Mughal Emperor Humayun was defeated by another Emperor which led to an interruption in the Mughal rule and the establishment of another dynasty by the new emperor. Who was this new emperor?

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Who was the first king of the Maratha Empire?

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Akbar was one of the greatest kings of India. Akbar fought the famous Second Battle of Panipat against which ruler?

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The Chola Empire was a powerful empire in Southern India. Which of these was NOT built by a Chola king?

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The Mauryan Empire was one of the most powerful in Indian history. Who was the founder of this empire?

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Who was the last ruler of the Lodhi dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate?

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The Gupta Empire is often called as the "Golden Age of India". Who among the listed below kings was NOT a monarch of the Gupta Empire?

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Harshavardhana was a powerful king of India who helped to reunite Northern India after the collapse of the Gupta Empire. But his expedition of occupying Southern India was foiled by which king?

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Krishnadevaraya was a popular king of which empire?

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