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GK Questions and Answers on latest Awards and Honours in India

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Who among the following sports person from Para-Athletics given Arjuna award 2017?

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Which of the following the Padma Vibhushan 2017 recipient who is renowned Indian musician and film playback singer?

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Manoj Kumar Panday who was the recipient of Param Vir Chakra belongs to which of the following military regiment or rifles?

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Which among the following personalities got the India’s highest civilian awards?

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Find out the recipeint of Dhyan Chand Award in Athletics 2017?

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What is the field of contribution of Shri Sardar Singh who was the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna 2017?

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Who among the following personality awarded the Dronacharya award 2017?

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Name the recipient of Bharat Ratna who was also awarded the "Best Parliamentarian" in 1994?

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In which field Shri Karimul Hak given Padam Shri 2017 award?

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Shri Devendra Jhajharia who was Arjun award recipient of 2017 belongs to which game?

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